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Portugal has a long-established reputation for manufacturing high quality soaps and Castelbel has been contributing to this for many years. Relying upon a staff that includes chemists and chemical engineers graduated from the University of Porto, the business has grown considerably since the foundation of the company and is now producing luxury soaps for major brands from around the globe as well as for their own labels.


An effortless sense of communication between our customers and us at every stage ensures that our exacting standards exceed their expectations.
We have a dedicated team of designers who create both classical and contemporary designs to meet the requirements of each discerning customer.
We pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail throughout the whole production process, from thoughtful conception right through to careful soap crafting and hand wrapping.


We can make soap bars in any shape, size and form, from intricate molds to simply a cut bar. Packaging can be e.g. a box, a tin, a card tube, a paper/card wrapper or a piece of fabric.
Also, we have developed a great formula for a traditional shaving soap that foams to give a perfect shave. Packaging can be a glass, plastic or aluminum jar.


But Castelbel can produce a lot more than just soaps. We work with exclusive suppliers from around the world to manufacture many other products in the Bath & Body and Home Fragrance sectors that we cannot produce entirely ourselves. This enables us to provide everything that is necessary to complete a range and ensure that they match our standards and finish, such as:

  • liquid hand soap
  • shower gel
  • body lotion
  • hand cream
  • bath salts
  • exfoliating scrub
  • bath pearls/caviar
  • talcum powder
  • reed diffuser
  • candle
  • room spray
  • fragranced sachet
  • fragranced drawer liners

Castelbel can provide many different packaging types for each of the products listed above. Using our own suppliers, we can source and provide either standard or bespoke packaging to make your products come to life:

  • foldable or solid boxes with different types of closures, including (but not limited to) magnetic/ribbon/elastic
  • tins with different types of finishes and closures
  • card/plastic/metal tubes
  • paper (with customized finish and printing effects) sheets/sleeves/folders/envelopes
  • printed/labelled plastic bottles/tubs
  • plain, coloured, printed, or labelled glass bottles/jars
  • accessories, such as metal or plastic caddies, body sponges, body care/spa brushes, massagers or loofahs


For more information, please contact:

Ms Ernestina Moreira

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